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Protect your valuable HPLC/UHPLC columns with the new 5 mm or 10 mm Direct connect ACME™ Guard columns. The New ACME Guard columns are compatible with any HPLC/UHPLC columns. 

  • Female inlet/male outlet design provides ultra-low dispersion for UHPLC/HPLC columns
  • Physically filters particulate material that leads to column inlet frit plugging
  • Retains non-eluting compounds in a sample and reduces column fouling
  • Available in in 5mm 10 mm lengths
  • Pre-injection filter:  When used as pre-injection filter (5 mm x 4.6 mm ID, 5 µm), the ACME™ guard can filter out mobile phase impurities and debris that can prematurely shorten column life. It can be placed in-line prior to the injector with no significant impact on column back pressure.


The new HALO® BioClass 1000 Å and HALO® Small Molecule Selectivity Sampler tool kits complete with HALO® safety glasses to help you “SEE” new selectivities are now available and happy to find homes in labs across the Canada. There are 8 kits available that includes 3 columns for the price of 1! Limited Time Only - Offer valid until March 31st, 2019

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Small Molecule Selectivity Kit

HALO®, C18, AQ-C18, Biphenyl, 50 x 2.1mm, 2.7um, 90A

HALO®, C18, AQ-C18, Biphenyl, 150 x 2.1mm, 2.7um, 90A

HALO®, C18, AQ-C18, Biphenyl, 50 x 4.6mm, 2.7um, 90A

HALO®, C18, AQ-C18, Biphenyl, 150 x 4.6mm, 2.7um, 90A

Protein Selectivity Kit

HALO®, ES-C18, C4, Diphenyl, 50 x 2.1mm, 2.7um, 1000A

HALO®, ES-C18, C4, Diphenyl, 150 x 2.1mm, 2.7um, 1000A

HALO®, ES-C18, C4, Diphenyl, 50 x 4.6mm, 2.7um, 1000A

HALO®, ES-C18, C4, Diphenyl, 150 x 4.6mm, 2.7um, 1000A


Description: Inertsil ODS-3, 300 x 3.9mm, 4µm, HPLC Column

Item Code: IN5020-39300

As of August 1st, there will be some changes to the USP Monographs for Lidocaine. One of these change is related to the chromatographic column (L1). In the currently official USP-NF Monograph for Lidocaine, the particle size of the L1 column is not specified. Column:  3.9-mm × 30-cm; packing L1. As of August 1st, 2018, the USP-NF Monograph for Lidocaine requires the following chromatographic column: 3.9-mm × 30-cm; 4-µm packing L1. If this is important to you, you will be happy to know that we can offer the Inertsil ODS-3 (L1) column in this dimension.


Getting Started with 2D Bar coded tubes?

Getting Started with 2D Bar coded tubes? Try our SAFE® 2D Bar coded tube starter kit. Get started for only $1,879.00
Kit includes:
SAFE® 2D Single Tube Scanner (LVL-DMST)
10 Racks or 10 Bags external thread SAFE® 96 XT (size to be confirmed)
1-Channel external thread Capper/Decapper (LVL-CDC-1CH-XT-SBS96)




New ! SAFE® READ 2D Single Rack Express camera-based scanner

2D SAFE® READ Single Rack Express scanner offers easy, out-of-the-box set up and is delivered pre-calibrated and ready to scan.
It can scan all commonly used racks in the SBS format (SBS 96, SBS 48, SBS 48, Honey Comb, SBS 24), and its low profile means that it can be easily added into liquid handling platforms and other automation systems. The low profile and economic price makes this scanner the perfect replacement for a traditional flat bed scanner.
Instead of 10-12 seconds, you scan a rack within 1-2 seconds which helps when scanning tubes from -80°C or lower.
Very small footprint (208mm x 135mm x 80mm) – also perfect for integration


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