Micro Inserts


Micro-Inserts are made of 1st hydrolytic class, clear glass and are available with a flat bottom or conical bottom. The conical bottom inserts are available with or without bottom spring. Bottom springs help keep the insert centered in the vial. Polypropylene inserts are also available.
5x30mm and 5x31mm inserts are compatible with small opening vials, such as 8mm screw-top vials (VT008M-1232 and VT008M-1232A) and 11mm standard crimp-top vials (VT011-1232 and VT011A-1232). 6x29mm, 6x30mm and 6x31mm inserts are compatible with 9mm screw-top vials (VT009-1232, VT009M-1232, VT009M-1232A), wide opening 10mm screw-top vials (VT010M-1232, VT010M-1232A) as well as 11mm large opening crimp-top vials (VT011L-1232, VT011LM-1232, VT11LM-1232A)

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