Riplate® microplates


Riplate® SW, RW and medio are manufactured out pure polypropylene without lubricants for an immaculate and secure analysis. Analytical methods as for example chromatography can detect lowest impurities, for these reasons, pure polypropylene is needed.

Riplate® medio
Saves 50% of storage capacity

Due to the compact construction of Riplate medio, less than 50% stacking size is needed.

  • Higher well rims allow an airtight closure or sealing of riplate medio.
  • The alphanumeric marking allows registration and identification of single assays.
  • New developed conical wells provide a good bioturbation.
  • Riplate® medio 0,5 ml: Height only 20,5 mm, Total volume 0,6 ml/well, Working volume 20 µl – 500 µl
  • Riplate® medio 1 ml: Height only 27,0 mm, Total volume 1,2 ml/well, Working volume 50 µl – 1000 µl

Riplate® RW
Deepwell plate – standard in multifunction

Raised wells reduce the risk of cross-contamination and increase the security of hot sealing or sealing with adhesive foils.

  • Optimized footprint according to the SBS-standard and eight ventilation holes.
  • Ideal for use in a thermocycler or for defrosting of samples in a hot-water bath.
  • For freezing or defrosting in a microwave.
  • The U-shaped well bottom reduces the death volume.
  • Due to the high chemical resistance ideal for sensitive diagnostic applications.

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