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Porvair microplates

Porvair Sciences manufactures microplate products, serving the  Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology laboratories with microplate solutions for all applications, from sample preparation to high throughput screening.

96-well deep square

The family of 96 square deep well plates were designed to make the interchanging of plates simpler in  utomated systems. These quality plates are also superb for housing both cell and bacterial culture, and a whole range of crucial applications within the laboratory.

Not only are the plates autoclavable, they are completely resistent to a large number of chemicals. In fact there are both sterile and non sterile applications available, and made to give lasting and highly efficient service through various temperatures.

All three plates have the same geometry with the well depth being the only variable.

  • Made from virgin polypropylene
  • Tested for low extractables
  • Have tight specification levels, meeting all ANSI standards

They are made with a V bottom to allow total liquid removal, partial collection and to aid re-suspension. There are no inner edges to allow better collection of magnetic beads. They are manufactured under DNase/ Rnase free environment and come with working volumes of 350µl, 1ml,1.6ml and 2ml They have raised well rims to improve heat sealing, A conical base which aids sample concentration, reconstitution and centrifugation There are sterile and non-sterile versions available

96-well deep round

These plates are made to a high quality design in virgin polypropylene in order to minimise extractables. They carry a working volume of 2ml per well with a total volume of 1.1ml. Coloured plates aid identification when retrieving from storage to make your system simple and reliable.

Black plates are suitable for storing light sensitive compounds and all are compatible with automated liquid handling systems and multichannel pipettes. This all makes for a superb product made to give lasting service in all types of laboratory environments.

  • All Manufactured from pre-tested polypropylene for low extractables
  • Designed to carry Alphanumeric grid-referencing DNase/ RNase free
  • Packed in sealed sleeves of 5 plates
  • Produced with a rimmed version to stop cross contamination and enable a better seal
  • Available with a non rimmed version to allow insertion of vials, or where the seal is not crucial
  • Designed with a cylindrical well with round bottom for optimal mixing and recovery
  • Very easy to use with automated sample handling systems
  • Can be stored at -80ºC

Large volume plates

The Porvair Sciences range of large volume plates are designed to meet the most demanding of requirements. This is why so much research has gone into their production, and why you can have every confidence in their quality.

Focused on both the combinatorial, environmental and food technology markets, they allow large volumes of samples to be transported in recognised ANSI/SLAS format microplates, to allow greater automation.

The plates will accept the Porvair universal lid and give excellent long term performance all round. All plates are manufactured from virgin polypropylene, and can be heat sealed and stored for prolonged periods at -80ºC.

24-well features:

24 wells with a working capacity of 10ml/well Standard height (44mm) of a deep well plate Sterile or non sterile versions Lidded version available.

48-well features:

Two versions:
5ml/well, 44mm high
7ml/well, 68mm high



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